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Gabe Petersen is the founder of Great Northwest Home Buyers, a principal at Equal Housing Group, and most importantly, the host of The Real Estate Investing Club.


Gabe started out his career completely oblivious to real estate as a path. He got started as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and worked the cubicle life for over 7 years.


After 7 years of working for "the man",  he stumbled into real estate after buying a broken down triplex in Tacoma, WA. As they say, they rest is history.


Since that first triplex, Gabe went on to start Great Northwest Home Buyers, a single family and multifamily real estate investment company focused on rehabs and rentals in the greater Washington area. They now buy and wholesale single and multifamily properties across the USA. He then went on to create a partnership in Equal Housing Group (, focusing on buying mobile home and RV parks all across the US.


With extensive experience across many different asset classes and strategies, Gabe decided to start what you know today as The Real Estate Investing Club podcast and YouTube show.


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