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Welcome to GCQ Marketing

A real estate off-market lead generation marketing agency

Welcome to GCQ Marketing, the lead generation marketing agency in affiliation with The Real Estate Investing Club.


At GCQ Marketing, our goal in business is to serve as many real estate professionals as we can by generating off-market leads and attracting new clients using automated online marketing, sales funnels, and deeply effective messaging.


We are proud to serve our clients and are excited to help you reach your business goals. So take a look around -- when you're ready, click on any of the buttons on this page to begin a relationship that will transform your life and accelerate your business growth.

Why You're Here...

and how we can help you.

We love working with business owners. Entrepreneurs that come to us find themselves in many situations. Over time we've noticed that the core of their interest is usually due to one of four issue's they're experiencing in their business - issues that we are proud to help them solve. Do any of the below ring true for you?

  • You Don't Have Enough Time To Generate Leads, Make Sales AND Work Your Craft

    After talking with countless entrepreneurs, it's apparent that one of the most time consuming aspects of running their business is generating leads. We take that burden off your shoulders and give you the time to work your craft.

  • Generating New Leads Is Causing You Stress

    Stress sucks. Period. One of the things most entrepreneurs stress about the most is not having enough leads to fill their pipeline. We will be your partner in business, generating new leads for you auto-magically so you can have the head-space to focus on growth, culture and operations.

  • You Want Financial Freedom, Faster

    Let's face it; leads, clients and customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, you go bust. Our goal is to keep your pipeline full, so you can grow your business, make a bigger impact, and finally feel financially free.

  • You Just Want To Be Work-Happy!

    When it comes down to it, the only reason any of us do anything is to have more growth, fulfillment and impact. Which is exactly what we want for you. We know the stress and uncertainty of finding leads can be a happiness killer. We want to be your 'ace in the hole' so you can go to bed at night with a smile on your face.


Who We Can Help

Here is a list of a typical client who come to us for lead generation help

  • Real Estate Investors

    Our founder got his start in digital marketing by generating leads for his real estate investing company. When it comes to marketing, investor lead gen with PPC Search is our specialty.

  • Local Businesses

    Do you run a business that serves your local community? Maybe a home cleaning business, or a financial services firm? If so, we're here for you. Our PPC ads are specially designed for the local business owner.

  • RE Agents & Brokers

    We love working with real-estate agents and brokers! If you want to sign more sellers and sell your existing listings faster, our Facebook and Google ad services are the way to go.

  • Other Businesses...

    Do you own a business not listed here? Though we specialize in real estate and locally based businesses, we will work with other types of business owners on a case by case basis.

How We Will Grow Your Business

Each business is different. Here are a few of the tools we employ in our lead generation toolbox

  • Facebook Ads

    Over 68% of the US population uses Facebook (220+ million). Facebook is ubiquitous. Which is why we will utilize their platform to bring targeted clients to your phone.

  • Google & YouTube Ads

    With over 6,300 searches performed per second, Google Ads and the Pay-Per-Click model is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic for your business. It's become a solid tool in our client attraction arsenal.

  • High Converting Websites

    Without a clean, easy to navigate and concise website to inform the customer about your services, your chance of generating traffic becomes very slim. We have countless websites we have built for each industry to help generate leads for your business.

  • Organic Search

    Though paid advertising is great, what's even better is FREE traffic! We set up a web presence that will bring you traffic organically on auto-pilot. Gratis!

  • Google My Business

    Ever Googled a local restaurant? You undoubtedly ended up looking through the top listings in the Google Map 3 Pack. That's where we'll place your business. It's popular, and we use it.

  • And MORE!...

    When it comes to generating you leads, if it works, we'll do it. As new tools and platforms come into vogue and become more effective, you'll bet we'll be on top of the trend.

How You Can Work With Us

Here are the steps you can take to begin working with us

The first step to working with us is to sign up for a consultation by clicking on the button below.


Once we have a chance to talk on the phone, we'll learn a little bit about your business and what your goals are. Then we'll answer any questions you may have about what we do. If it sounds like there's a fit, we'll begin on-boarding you into our lead generation process.

You book a consultation using any of the buttons on this page to discuss your business and financial goals. It'll be fun, we promise.

During the call we will learn about your business and where your lead generation stands today. We will then create a strategy you can use, free of charge.

If you decide you would like to work with us to execute the strategy and bring you leads, we start a month-to-month contract, and the music begins.

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